aka Tomato/Potato

  • I was born on May 27
  • I am Male
  • TotalWiki09

    Team Place

    1st Geoff and Brody

    2nd Jacques and Josse

    3rd Emma and Kitty

    4th Noah and Owen

    5th Carrie and Devin

    6th Crimson and Ennui

    7th MacArthur and Sanders

    8th Stephanie and Ryan

    Geoff and Brody 8,5 Points

    Ryan and Stephanie 8 Points

    MacArthur and Sanders 7 Points

    Emma and Kitty 7 points

    Carrie and Devin 6 points

    Noah and Owen 6 points

    Josse and Jacques 6 points

    Crimson and Ennui 6 points

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