Since Carrie and Devin are the first pair to be revealed, it's sort of......that time to make predictions about them. It is kinda hard to make predictions about them when we don't know about their personalities really, or the other pairs. But we can only make little predictions, but as the pairs keep getting revealed, our predictions will get bigger. Now let me tell you MY PREDICTIONS!

Predictions On Them Being A Team:

Placing: I think they could get to the final 5 teams maybe, but nobody knows how many teams there will be, but maybe around the final 5 so I'd say, 7th - 4th

Their Interaction: Since they've been childhood friends, I hope that they don't argue a lot, and make references from their childhood, you know, for info? XD. Now........does Devin like Carrie back? I don't know. Throughout the race, I bet that at times, Carrie will just be staring at him, and just blushing, which would get her distracted, and would weird Devin out a bit, just like on their promo pic. I think Devin might just friendzone her, and Carrie might have mixed feelings about it, but they'd at least still be friends.

Predictions On Them Seperatley:

Carrie: She might have a personality of Bridgette mixed with Dawn, as she would love animals and be very kind, but could also be air-headed at times like Lindsay, but could be very out-spoken like Courtney, and would be distracted by Devin, or be jealous of him hanging out with other girls, maybe like Zoey.

Devin: Seems to me, a layed back guy like Topher or Trent, but would be athletic like Sky, out-spoken like Sugar, and maybe a little energetic, kinda like Owen, but could get some of the ladies, like Justin.

Yeah, those are my predictions on Carrie and Devin. What 'bout you guys?