• Duncanrules

    So this blog will be about racing around the world. There will be some newbies and the season's hosted by Chris. So here are the teams:

    The Shorttimes are Staci and Beardo, previous reality participants that have never outranked another player and hope to do so and maybe win this season!

    No, not Geoff and Brody. Geoff and Bridgette! Bridgette and Geoff, you already know: They surf, kiss, mess up their own aftermath shows with arguing, Geoff or Bridgette fans, start rooting!

    The Manipulators are the main antagonists of this season, Heather and Alejandro. I know they've already been antagonists of a season, but they are going to be again!

    Katie and Sadie are coming back. Pretty obvious, to be honest.

    Despite making Heather and Gwen look like they…

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