Sanders & MacArthur
Team Profile
Members MacArthur (right)
Sanders (left)
Gender Female
Age 18(Sanders) 19(MacArthur)
Voiced By Nicole Stamp (Sanders)
Evany Rosen (MacArthur)
Relation Girlfriends
Occupation Police Cadets


Legs Competed 26
Placement 1st/2nd

Sanders & MacArthur are The Police Cadets competing in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.



MacArthur is an impulsive, tough as nails cadet who knows no fear. She isn’t afraid to break a few laws or mess with other teams to get ahead.

Sanders Edit

Conversely, Sanders is all about doing things by the book. Despite her conservative and logical nature, she often finds herself unwittingly dragged into MacArthur’s crazy schemes.

Race History

  • Episode 1: 4th
  • Episode 2: 2nd
  • Episode 3: 1st
  • Episode 4: 3rd
  • Episode 5: 11th
  • Episode 6: 13th
  • Episode 7: 7th
  • Episode 8: 8th
  • Episode 9: 8th
  • Episode 10: 5th
  • Episode 11: 2nd
  • Episode 12: 1st
  • Episode 13: 11th (Non-Elimination Round)
  • Episode 14: 9th
  • Episode 15: 3rd
  • Episode 16: 5th
  • Episode 17: 7th
  • Episode 18: 6th
  • Episode 19: 3rd
  • Episode 20: 1st
  • Episode 21: 1st (with Ice Dancers and Haters)
  • Episode 22: 5th (Non-Elimination Round)
  • Episode 23: 2nd
  • Episode 24: 2nd
  • Episode 25: 3rd
  • Episode 26: 1st/2nd (Winners in U.S)

Videos Edit

Memorable Moments Edit

  • MacArthur revealing that her real name is Valentina Escobar in "Got Venom"
  • MacArthur breaking Sanders's arm, and crying over it in "How Deep is your Love"
  • MacArthur using steamboats as a unit of measurement.
  • Sanders taking off her cast to grab their lost tip and continue on in the finale, leaving the Ice Dancers to be eliminated.

Trivia Edit

  • Sanders goes by her last name, while MacArthur goes by a fake name.
    • MacArthur's real name is Valentina Escobar
  • Sanders is the only contestant in the total drama universe to have an unknown first name.
  • MacArthur appears to be wearing a kevlar "bulletproof" vest.
  • MacArthur mentioned her babysitter once forgot her dessert, and was still plotting her revenge. She names the babysitter as 'Jennifer Masterson', a reference to the character Jen Masterson from Fresh's 6TEEN. It hints the universes are possibly connected.
  • The Cadets are portrayed as Good Cop/ Bad Cop, with Sanders being the good cop and MacArthur being the bad cop.
  • Sanders was voiced by Tv Host Nicole Stamp
  • The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers enemies at the race.