Rock & Spud
Team Profile
Gender Male (Rock and Spud)
Age 18 (Rock and Spud)


Legs Competed 14
Placement 10th

Rock and Spud, are The Rockers competing in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Team Edit

The Race is one big party for Spud and Rock, two loveable, best friends who still haven’t moved out of their parents’ basement apartments (they’re just biding their time until their garage band, “Devil Frog” catapults them into super-stardom).


Rock is smarter and the obvious leader of the two. Despite the party-hardy attitudes, Rock is really trying to win the Race so he can use the money to move out into his own apartment.

Spud Edit

Spud has all the brain power and drive of a very dull sloth; without Rock, he’d be totally lost and he is just trying to remember that he’s on a television competition. Spud is my bud.

Season 1 Edit

Race History Edit

Episodic Placements Edit

  • Episode 1: Not Ranked
  • Episode 2: 9th
  • Episode 3: 15th
  • Episode 4: 13th
  • Episode 5: 14th
  • Episode 6: 14th
  • Episode 7: 9th
  • Episode 8: 11th
  • Episode 9: 11th
  • Episode 10: 12th (Non Elimination)
  • Episode 11: 1st
  • Episode 12: 9th
  • Episode 13: 9th
  • Episode 14: 10th (Eliminated with the stepbrothers)

Relationship with Other Teams Edit

At the end of episode 14 when they and The Stepbrothers got eliminated the Stepbrothers ask if they want to play a rock game on their Gamebox and thay said yes.

Memorable Moments Edit

  • When Spud did the Botch in I love Ridonc and Roll
  • Spud's method of catching rabbits in Down and Outback


Trivia Edit

  • Spud actually has about a 2 hour reaction time delay to everything, according to Rock, in "Brazilian Pain Forest".
  • They and The Stepbrothers are the first team to get Eliminated in a Double Elimination Leg.