Mary & Ellody
Team Profile
Members Ellody


Gender Female (Mary and Ellody)
Age Mary (A worse version of Amy)

Ellody (Nerd version of Courtney)

Voiced By Mr Griffin (Mary)
Courtney (Ellody)
Relation Friends
Occupation Scientists

Season 1

Legs Competed RR: 4
Placement RR: 16th
Geniuses intro
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Nerdy Courtney
Geniuses and Vegans select spices
Team3Out (2)
Geniuses departure
Ellody draws mary
The Geniuses laugh at the Fashion Bloggers skin
ME 7

Mary and Ellody are a team of Nerds competing in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Team Edit

They are miles beyond the other contestants in I.Q. and their plan of attack is simple: outwit the competition. Having spent all of their time deep in study instead of wasting energy on “useless” pursuits like popularity and boyfriends, the Geniuses feel well equipped to kick proverbial butt.

Personality Edit

Ellody Edit

Ellody is a genius and incredibly aware that she is a major geek but really doesn’t know how to be any other way. She is smart and every boy loves her because she is hot, some people even choose to ship her and Jay.

Mary Edit

Mary is a genius and incredible at gossiping behind backs she is a loser when it comes to dating she is both nervous and she doesn't know a thing about love, she is weird because she watches AUSTENLAND so much. She is pretty both inside and out.

Of topic

I also dont understand why the producers dont do another series with the originals, like I loved them!

Race History Edit

  • Episode 1: 12th (flight 2)
  • Episode 2: 7th
  • Episode 3: 9th
  • Episode 4: 16th (Eliminated)

Trivia Edit

  • Ellody is voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow, who is also a Jazz Artist and voices Courtney in Total Drama.
  • Mary is voiced by Katie Griffin, who played Ruby in Max and Ruby, Sonia Moretti in Desperately Seeking Santa. And Miles from the Vegans Team
  • They intend to donate their winnings to support astrophysics.
  • They are the first one who got eliminated without reaching the chill zone.

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