Jay & Mickey
Team Profile
Members Jay
Gender Male
Age 16
Voiced By Lyon Smith
Relation the scaredy twins


Legs Competed 11
Placement 12th
Jay and Mickey are The Adversity Twins competing on The Ridonculous Race.

Team Edit

Identical twins Jay and Mickey don’t deal with adversity in life – their life IS adversity. Allergies, phobias, accidents, disorders and ailments are just some (of the many) obstacles that plague the brothers on a regular basis. Understandably, their personalities are not unlike that of a small, timid animal at the bottom of the food chain; mostly anxiety-ridden. Nevertheless, the two have a developed an impressive, “never give up” attitude which helps them push past their daily servings of tragedy and setbacks.

Personality Edit

Jay Edit

Jay is a normally calm person, but can freak out on stage. He is always there for his brother. He helps his brother out and comes for his need. He mainly tells the stories of the unfortunate events that happen to them. Jay is seen to do the eating challenges and many of the physical challenges.

Mickey Edit

Mickey is the twin with more frights like heights, airplanes and pencils. Mickey wears a helmet on his head (That is worn if someone is injured in their head area), but it is currently unknown what injury forced him to wear this. It is a possibility that it may be because of the time the play set fell on him. Mickey happens to get nose bleeds a lot and never gives up like his brother, Jay. He might have feelings for Kitty but not really described. Mickey usually does the easier Botch or Watches, or ones specific to his immunity to animal venoms. (Also, he swam with sharks)

Known Conditions Edit

Here is a table that lists all of the known conditions, issues, allergies and phobias that Mickey and Jay have been known to have.




  • Asthma.
  • His left ear often hears an owl’s hoo.
  • Allergy to Confetti, Felt, Orchids and tons more.
  • Stage Fright.
  • Nose bleeds and inner ear infections when he goes up too high too fast.
  • Fear of Pencils, Heights and Things falling on him
  • Eczema
  • Immunity to Animal Bites
  • Nausea when seeing a moving ball
  • Breaks out in hives due to stress
  • Germphobia
  • Adversity
  • Fear of Spiders and Werewolves
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Possible Allergy to cinnamon
  • Possible Fear of Dark
  • Hate the squeegee sound.
  • Temperature Dyslexia

Season 1 Edit

Race History Edit

  • Episode 1: Nobody was Ranked
  • Episode 2: 12th
  • Episode 3: 12th
  • Episode 4: 12th
  • Episode 5: 12th
  • Episode 6: 7th (Tied With Sisters)
  • Episode 7: 11th
  • Episode 8: 9th
  • Episode 9: 3rd
  • Episode 10: 9th
  • Episode 11: 12th(Eliminated)

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Trivia Edit

  • Jay and Mickey were voiced by Lyon Smith, who we love as Corey on Grojband.
  • Jay and Mickey are the second pair of twins to be featured on Total Drama. The first were Amy and Samey from Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
    • However, they are the first pair of twins in the Ridonculous Race universe.
  • Jay and Mickey are one of the three pairs of siblings competing on The Ridonculous Race. The others being Kitty & Emma and Chet & Lorenzo.
  • They are based on Total Drama's Cameron original design.
  • They have come 12th 5 times and was eliminated the last time.
    • They have come 12th 4 times in a row Episode 2-5.
    • They are one of two teams to be eliminated by sabotage, the other being Crimson & Ennui.
  • Mickey wears a light blue jacket with a helmet
  • Jay wears a dark blue jacket with no helmet.