Jacques & Josee
Team Profile
Members Jacques
Gender (Male) Jacques

(Female) Josee

Age Jacques - 22

Josee - 20

Occupation Professional Ice Dancers


Legs Competed 26
Placement 3rd

Jacques & Josee are a team of Ice Dancers competing in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race and serve as the main antagonists.

Team Edit

Canadian figure skating dynamos Jacques and Josee’s were to win gold at the Olympics. When they finally got their chance, Jacques dropped Josee on the ice! Goodbye gold, hello national embarrassment. They’re using the Race to prove that they are still winners.

Jacques and Josee are used to being in the limelight and LOVE “performing” their challenges with extra grace and artistry. But while they may be Canada’s smiling sweethearts on the outside, their true nature is much more conniving. They’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee a victory… all while flashing a show-ready smile to the camera, of course!

Josee Edit

Josee is extremely competitive and believes in superstitions, carrying a rabbit's foot on a chain named Bun-Bun, until she lost it. In the Hawaii episode she gets a lava rock shaped like a trophy, that ironically brings her bad luck. She dislikes Jacques at first but adores him by the finale.

Jacques Edit

Jacques may not be as competitive as Josee, but he then becomes nearly as mean-spirited as her. Jacques obeys Josee and does everything to win the gold. He is seen as the "follower" of their team, but has devised some evil plans of his own, such as oiling The Sisters' emu in Last Tango in Buenos Aires.

Season 1 Edit

Race History Edit

Episode 1: Nobody was Ranked

Episode 2: 3rd.

Episode 3: 2nd.

Episode 4: 1st.

Episode 5: 3rd.

Episode 6: 1st.

Episode 7: 1st.

Episode 8: 3rd.

Episode 9: 4th.

Episode 10: 4th.

Episode 11: 4th. (Again)

Episode 12: 11th (Last Place) (Non-elimination round).

Episode 13: 10th.

Episode 14: 1st.

Episode 15: 1st.

Episode 16: 7th.

Episode 17: 2nd.

Episode 18: 2nd.

Episode 19: 6th.

Episode 20: 2nd (Received time penalty).

Episode 21: 1st (Tied with Daters/Haters and Cadets).

Episode 22: 1st (Received time penalty).

Episode 23: 4th (Received time penalty).

Episode 24: 1st.

Episode 25: 2nd.

Midpoint: 3rd (Eliminated)

Quotes Edit

  • Episode 11:
    • Don: Jacques, Josee, fourth place.
    • Jacques: [record scratches] Fourth? Again!?
    • Jacques and Josee: [crying in humiliation]

Relationships With Other Teams Edit

Jacques and Josee have made enemies with many competitors. They have no second thoughts about ruining the game for others if it means that they come in first. This has made them probably the most disliked team in the race in the view of other teams.

Cadets Edit

Perhaps the strongest and most focused rivalry, the Ice Dancers and Cadets have fought against each other throughout the season. Even though they have attempted to call a truce various times, they has often ended in betrayal on the part of the Ice Dancers.

Non-Down Eighteen to Go Parts 1 and 2 Edit

The two teams first speak to each other as they are racing up stairs in their challenge. As MacArthur carries Sanders up the stairs, the Ice Dancers gain on them, saying that they won't be in front for long.

Videos Edit

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Josee destroying Central Park in the finale.
  • Their constant staring at the camera.

Trivia Edit

  • Josee and Jaques are the main antagonists in The Ridonculous Race. This is pointed out by their cheating, sabotaging, and evil laugh.
  • Due to their underhanded tactics, the Ice Dancers have received more penalties than any other team, having done so 3 times.
  • They are also the only team to receive a time penalty and still come in first.
  • The Ice Dancers have a strong rivalry with the Cadets with the two teams having probably the biggest team conflict in the season, most of the conflict being between Josee and MacArthur.
  • They have also made more enemies in the season than any other team.
  • The Ice Dancers have won first place in more legs than any other team.
  • Josee is one of three characters in the Total Drama universe to have claustrophobia, the other two characters being Gwen and Jasmine.
  • Jacques and Josee are the second main antagonists to leave the season without any comeuppance. The first was Sugar in "Total Drama: Pahkitew Island".



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