Geoff & Brody
Team Profile
Members Geoff
Gender Male (Geoff and Brody)
Age 19 (Geoff)
17 (Brody)
Voiced By Dan Petronijevic (Geoff)
Scott McCord (Brody)
Relation Boyfriends


Legs Competed 23
Placement 1st

Geoff & Brody are The Surfers competing on The Ridonculous Race.

Team Edit

If this team had a motto it would be one word: YOLO! Geoff (from Total Drama Island) is back to compete again but, unfortunately, without his best gal, Bridgette. Since she’s away on a surfing tour in Australia, Geoff’s brought his best bro, Brody – an enthusiastic, meathead jock- along for the ride instead. They’re ALL about partying, having fun, and winning the money… because tons of cash equals parties and fun! (See? Math CAN be useful!) The Bromance Boys may not be the brightest dudes in the competition but they always have each other’s backs, no matter what.

Personality Edit

Geoff Edit

Geoff may not be the smartest contestant in the bunch, but he loves people and is always up for any challenge Chris has in store. He has a habit of addressing everyone as "dude" or "bro/brah," depending on the gender. He is extremely fun-loving, believing that life is short and if someone "doesn't stop and have a party every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, they're going to regret it." Geoff's big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved. However, given enough motivation, he won't hesitate to pay people back for their misdeeds. Geoff's caring way automatically clicks with Bridgette's, and upon the formation of their relationship, the two are inseparable. In Total Drama Action, his popularity with the others is threatened when Geoff becomes an egotistical, sadistic "Captain Hollywood" with a personality similar to that of Chris'. He mercilessly tortures the eliminated contestants on the Total Drama Aftermath chair for ratings, and even goes as far as insulting Bridgette, prompting her to end their union. It ends up being extremely short-lived though, as a group turns Geoff's own tool against him and reminds him of who he really is.

Brody Edit

Brody is the definition of the man. He is a surfer and is compatible to Geoff there Brodie's and are surfer dudes. There two guys just trying to win some cash. Their probably going to throw an EPIC beach party once they win and buy some surf boards. So Brody is Geoff's right hand man and Bridgette probably likes Brody and Bridgette Geoff are the tremendous 3. There all surfers and their probably share the money together. he has a one-sided attraction to MacArthur which later becomes an open-ended mutual attraction.

Race History Edit

  • Episode 1: Nobody was Ranked
  • Episode 2: 6th
  • Episode 3: 3rd
  • Episode 4: 15th
  • Episode 5: 5th
  • Episode 6: 4th
  • Episode 7: 8th
  • Episode 8: 1st
  • Episode 9: 9th
  • Episode 10: 6th
  • Episode 11: 5th
  • Episode 12: 2nd
  • Episode 13: 8th
  • Episode 14: 8th
  • Episode 15: 6th
  • Episode 16: 1st
  • Episode 17: 1st
  • Episode 18: 7th
  • Episode 19: 5th
  • Episode 20: 6th
  • Episode 21: 6th (Eliminated)
  • Episode 24 (Return due to Carrie and Devin Injured and Withdrew from Race)
  • Episode 25: 1st
  • Episode 26: 1st/2nd (Winners in Canada)

Videos Edit

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Brody gets a leg cramp after completing the Stairs
  • Geoff asking for a banana when Brody needed potassium. This moment is later mentioned again in the finale with Brody having a rotten banana that he's been "saving all this time", even while they were getting eliminated and returned.

Trivia Edit

  • Geoff is voiced by Dan Petronijevic, who has acted in many animated and live action productions, including his latest show 19-2.
  • Brody is voiced by Scott McCord, who also plays Owen and Jacques in The Ridonculous Race.
  • This team, along with Owen & Noah and Leonard and Tammy, are the only teams to contain at least one contestant that has previously competed on Total Drama.
  • They are the only one who let another team to finish before them so they got eliminated.
  • Brody is one of eight characters in the Total Drama universe to have a tattoo. The other six are Chef, Geoff, Courtney, Rock, Crimson, Duncan, and Dwayne.
    • However, Brody is the only contestant in The Ridonculous Race to have a visible tattoo (a shooting star on his left arm) while Geoff doesn't. Brody is also the only new character that has one while the rest were part of the original cast.
  • Geoff and Brody are the first team to return to the game. They return in Episode 24.
  • Geoff and Brody are the first team to win a Total Drama series returning to the game.
  • Geoff and Brody are the only team in Ridonculous Race's final six, both original and returning, to not place last in a non-elimination leg.


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