Crimson, Ennui, and Loki
Crimson & Ennui
Team Profile
Members Crimson
Gender Ennui - Male
 Crimson - Female
Age 17
Voiced By Ennui - Carter Hayden
 Crimson - Stacey DePass
Relation Couple - 3 years
Occupation Goths


Legs Competed 20.
Placement 7th
Crimson and Ennui are a pair of Goths competing on The Ridonculous Race.


The Goths are dark and silent. It’s uncertain as to why they’re participating in the Race or if they’re even enjoying the experience, since they both have the emotional range of a stone gargoyle except for when encountering dark areas like Romania and they end up smiling at one point. They are definitely the best team around.They're in love.



Both express their emotions most of the time by stating them apathetically instead of showing it. If excited enough, they will break the rules regardless of the penalty, such as with the coffin race. They both hate adorable things (now excluding rabbits). They eventually adopt a black bunny they turn goth and name Loki.

Loki Edit

Loki is a black rabbit. He does not fear vidan. Loki was found in Australia. Loki really helped the Goths to win in Indonesia, but also he also was the reason of the goths losing. Loki is named after the God of destruction.


She tends to talk more often than Ennui and more likely to get excited. She tends to speak about their overall feelings, as well as, about the items or events they enjoy.

Ennui Edit

He's more likely to talk about matters involving location. Adorable animals have an attraction to him which makes him very uncomfortable.

Season 1 Edit

Race History Edit

Episodic Placement Edit

  • Episode 1: 14th
  • Episode 2: 14th
  • Episode 3: 13th
  • Episode 4: 8th
  • Episode 5: 1st
  • Episode 6: 2nd
  • Episode 7: 12th
  • Episode 8: 10th
  • Episode 9: 7th
  • Episode 10: 8th
  • Episode 11: 10th
  • Episode 12: 8th
  • Episode 13: 7th
  • Episode 14: 2nd
  • Episode 15: 4th
  • Episode 16: 4th
  • Episode 17: 6th
  • Episode 18: 1st
  • Episode 19: 1st
  • Episode 20: 7th (eliminated)

Videos Edit

The Ridonculous Race - Crimson and Ennui Ungoth-002:49

The Ridonculous Race - Crimson and Ennui Ungoth-0

Crimson and Ennui see each-other ungoth for the first time...

TD Presents The Ridonculous Race Crimson And Ennui Compilation 1 211:14

TD Presents The Ridonculous Race Crimson And Ennui Compilation 1 2

A compilation of their moments.

TD Presents The Ridonculous Race Crimson And Ennui Compilation 2 209:05

TD Presents The Ridonculous Race Crimson And Ennui Compilation 2 2

Memorable Moments: Edit

  • Crimson finally speaking in Episode 5, and them winning the challenge.
  • Their make up coming off in Finland, causing them to want to quit until they have newfound confidence with temporary costumes.
  • Ennui revealing cuddly creatures love him.
  • The adoption of Loki.
  • Winning twice in Episode 18 and 19.
  • Their elimination speech which showed they hoped the Ice Dancers get what is coming to them along with Loki signaling that they will get their karma.

Trivia Edit

  • Crimson and Ennui are the only team that did not say a single word during the first episode of Ridonculous Race.
  • Crimson & Ennui seem to resemble Kent & Vyxsin from The Amazing Race as both teams are goths.


Jacques & Josee

Leonard and Tammy (one-sided, their side)

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