Chet & Lorenzo
Team Profile
Members Chet
Gender Male (Chet and Lorenzo)
Relation Stepbrothers


Legs Competed 14
Placement 11th
Chet and Lorenzo are a pair of Stepbrothers competing on The Ridonculous Race.

Team Edit

Forced together by the marriage of their parents one year ago, lazy-butt geeks Chet and Lorenzo instantly had a hate-on for one another and didn’t try to hide it.Then they became good friends. The Chet and Lorenzo was invited to participate in their music rockers.They agreed.



Chet is average in every respect. He has a hair-trigger temper and a tendency to whine about everything. Normally, he’s kind of lazy but if there’s an opportunity to show up Lorenzo, Chet suddenly becomes very motivated.


Lorenzo is a guy who sucks at everything – except having confidence in himself, which for some odd reason he has in spades. Unfortunately, he has no talent whatsoever… not in martial arts, music, sports, or academics (although he believes otherwise). Now that he’s stuck in the race with his stepbrother, he fully intends to win it and to make Chet look like a tool.

Season 1 Edit

Eliminated in Episode 14 with the Rockers.

Race History Edit

  • Episode 1: 17th
  • Episode 2: 15th
  • Episode 3: 6th
  • Episode 6: 5th
  • Episode 11: 8th
  • Episode 12: 7th
  • Episode 13: 2nd
  • Episode 14: 11th (eliminated)


Memorable Moments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Chet is voiced by Darren Frost, who was the “Snack Shack” voice on Stoked, Darth from 6Teen and also Sammy in Sidekick.
  • Lorenzo is being voiced by Carlos Diaz, who has done a ton of live action work, most recently in Orphan Black and Fargo the TV series.
  • Their parents decided to sign them up on The Ridonculous Race as a last ditch effort to inspire cooperation between them and end their hate-on once and for all.
  • Chet and Lorenzo are one of the three pairs of siblings competing on The Ridonculous Race. The others being Kitty & Emma, and Jay & Mickey.
    • However, they are the only ones who are not related by blood.
  • They are the first team to get eliminated in a Double Elimination leg.
    • They got eliminated with The Rockers.

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