• Duncanrules

    So this blog will be about racing around the world. There will be some newbies and the season's hosted by Chris. So here are the teams:

    The Shorttimes are Staci and Beardo, previous reality participants that have never outranked another player and hope to do so and maybe win this season!

    No, not Geoff and Brody. Geoff and Bridgette! Bridgette and Geoff, you already know: They surf, kiss, mess up their own aftermath shows with arguing, Geoff or Bridgette fans, start rooting!

    The Manipulators are the main antagonists of this season, Heather and Alejandro. I know they've already been antagonists of a season, but they are going to be again!

    Katie and Sadie are coming back. Pretty obvious, to be honest.

    Despite making Heather and Gwen look like they…

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  • AnonimoSecreto

    My AnonimoSecreto

    February 2, 2016 by AnonimoSecreto

    My AnonimoSecreto, new user. I like The Ridonculous Race.

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  • TotalWiki09

    Team Place

    1st Geoff and Brody

    2nd Jacques and Josse

    3rd Emma and Kitty

    4th Noah and Owen

    5th Carrie and Devin

    6th Crimson and Ennui

    7th MacArthur and Sanders

    8th Stephanie and Ryan

    Geoff and Brody 8,5 Points

    Ryan and Stephanie 8 Points

    MacArthur and Sanders 7 Points

    Emma and Kitty 7 points

    Carrie and Devin 6 points

    Noah and Owen 6 points

    Josse and Jacques 6 points

    Crimson and Ennui 6 points

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  • TheAnimeKid87

    Ryan & Stephanie

    April 22, 2015 by TheAnimeKid87

    What do we think of them from the pictures? Comment.

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  • KidLego09

    Since Carrie and Devin are the first pair to be revealed, it's sort of......that time to make predictions about them. It is kinda hard to make predictions about them when we don't know about their personalities really, or the other pairs. But we can only make little predictions, but as the pairs keep getting revealed, our predictions will get bigger. Now let me tell you MY PREDICTIONS!

    Predictions On Them Being A Team:

    Placing: I think they could get to the final 5 teams maybe, but nobody knows how many teams there will be, but maybe around the final 5 so I'd say, 7th - 4th

    Their Interaction: Since they've been childhood friends, I hope that they don't argue a lot, and make references from their childhood, you know, for info? XD. Now........d…

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  • TheAnimeKid87

    As the title implies, this blog will update you ON ALL the RR news, sounds great right? Let's start!

    Don’s as smooth as freshly spread butter on a warm loaf of bread right out of the oven, charming and personable in any situation.

    He’s used to getting by on his good look and stylish clothes but to be fair he’s awfully good looking and those really are some darn stylish clothes! If that somehow fails to make an impression Don’s also a bottomless well of little known facts and trivia, some of which are probably true!

    As a modern man in touch with his emotions, Don isn’t afraid to shed a few tears when a pair of racers are eliminated from the the competition or to pontificate on their failure, waxing poetic with a moving speech.

    He’s a man of the…

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